Watch out - i'll Read at you !

The shiningly witty Ms Fits has had a book-related brush with some patrons at Meredith.
Story involves a Dog with a dog during Dr Dog (?! yes, read up.)

Apparently, it's Not Okay to read while Dr Dog is playing. Not even quietly in the distant background. Interferes with other people's enjoyment. Too freakish. Too girly-swot.

What is going on in this crazy old world. i know we've never really been a bookish nation but what happened to live and let effing live. Aren't Australians supposedly renowned for our laidback and tolerant approach to life?

Oh, i remember tolerance, that was before the time of darkness.
img fahrenheit 451 by sidelongFor about five minutes, after the previous time of darkness.

Not as if Ms Fits was crouched motionless in the mosh pit, reading aloud over the band. The book wasn't anything like 'How to Destroy Swamp Rock Fans in One Easy Sitting'.

i guess we just hate interLekchoools. SmartRRRses!
Watch out! They'll be burning witches next, on piles of books. You mark my words. Lucky she got out alive.

Too much ignorant hooligan-ism-ality going on for my liking !

(image: thanks florianB, and sidelong.)

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