Billy Bragg keeping the faith

It was a joy to hear Billy Bragg on 3RRR this morning as i drove to work. His new songs are moving and poignant, heartfelt as always, although he's mildly smoothed out his rough accent for the singing. (Interview podcasted via libsyn, and playable right here:

He had some words of encouragement for people who are expecting a lot of the New Rudd Labo(u)r experience. In twelve months, you will all be disappointed. You will say things like, "Rudd's no different from Howard". He's seen it before, when they finally kicked out Thatcher, and were lumped with the oh-so-promising Tony B.

But do not give up hope, and do not become cynical.

i don't know why people are expecting much, remember Bob Hawke, anyone?
What a let-down. People thought the world would change overnight, even Bob did.
.. and it hurt so much when they chose to govern from the centre(right).
But you'd rather Keating to Howard in retrospect, wouldn't you!! Well i would.

Jude reminded me the other day of a joke doing the rounds back in 1996. People were saying, "Oh there's no difference between Keating and Howard."

The response goes: "Well yes, you've got a small bucket of sick (Keating), versus a whole swimming pool full of the stuff."

Billy also urged us not to bucket Peter G too much, because he has crossed the line from activist to politician. That's what happens when you make this choice. Political change is a slow game, and politics is the art of compromise. "You've just got to make sure that the compromise is on your terms."

His strongest point? Cynicism is the real enemy. Do not spend all your energy carping about how bad the new government is. Get Active, and Do Something. He said. Hold firmly onto your belief in the possibilities of change. Yeah!

Interviewer's most embarrassing moment: "Have you played here since your first tour in 1984?"
Billy: "Ah, yes i've come here for every album."
Interviewer backtrack: "Of course, of course."

One of those classic questions that pops out and you instantly regret it.
"Of course, i was at that concert."
Oh boy was she blushing.

While i'm waiting for the 3RRR podcast to emerge (fingers crossed), here's the man talking about the need for a British Bill of Rights (quick comment).
(Interview podcasted via libsyn)

.. and the well-meant "All you fascists (are bound to lose)" .. a bit repetitive but catchy.