Coked up aeroplane

Via Sydney Indymedia, news of a plane crashing with 3-6 tonnes of cocaine. Several people seem to believe that this plane "belonged" to the CIA; and also that the same plane had been frequently used to transport enemy combatants to Guantanamera Bay.

(Whole story was reported in 'daily Kos')

Can you imagine what the CIA would be doing with that much coke? When you follow the discussion, you find that a number of people are taken by the idea that the US govt is actually in charge of the illegal drug market. And that major banks are laundering cash from the whole thing.

Bizarre! i'm aghast and flobbergosted. Who would believe such things. Does this mean we can't trust our governments here in the West? But i thought we lived in a civil society, a democracy. Surely this is just paranoid ranting?

The government, that runs a war on drugs, supports a covert drug smuggling operation? But wouldn't that be hippo-critical ..?