Stay strong, hold onto your dreams

It's that time of year when people dream about what they want, next time round the sun.

i'm sure you have dreams about a better world, and you're probably working in some way toward those dreams. Well hang on in there, cos you know the agents of fear won't win.

YOU are gonna win, with your dreams of inspiration and balance, creativity and love.

So, if you're dreaming of bringing more love and connection, more strength in community, more safety and peace into this world, or more pleasure to yourself, i say thank you. Thanks for your dreams, thanks for your actions of love and caring, no matter how small or fleeting.

Take some heart from Ben Harper, "Don't let them take the fight out of you".

i once went to a Ben Harper concert, with jude and Jody-Lee. Such a good night!

My dreams for '008 include these:
1) Garden full of yummy vegetables all year round
2) More time camping in the bush, away from the city
3) More time singing with friends
4) Melbourne recycles storm water instead of going "desal"
5) President bush is impeached, and democracy is repaired.

What about you? Wanna share your dreams for '008..?

Go right ahead and pop your thoughts in the comment box, right hereio. One or more dreams, very welcome :)

Hope your year is full of joy, healing and fun; lots of dancing, and great books.

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haysey said...

I dream of moving forward and doing the next thing. One foot in front of the other. And so on.
And buying my good friend Michael a new pair of sunglasses...

michael chalk said...

oh haysey you're a treasure for sharing your dreams with us.

A dream of getting on with life and moving into the future; Yeah!

Now that the 1950's are finally over, i think that many people, like you, are looking to the future with some kind of hope again.

and so generous to think of giving :)

aren't you just wonderful
hugs, michael