End of America? Ten step program

I've found some references to Naomi Wolf's latest book, and it is scarier than the one by Richard Flanagan. "The End of America" is apparently about the ten steps any would-be dictator can take to rapidly shut down a democracy. She's done her research on the early years of several dictators .. and here's the crazy stuff - she suggests that Bush's US government has taken all ten steps.

This caused a storm earlier in the year, but i missed it. There's an article in the Guardian, and some youtubed interviews with Noami, including this one:

In this interview she speaks mainly of the first four of the ten steps:
1) Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (Osama, Saddam ..
2) Create a gulag - an off-shore prison with different laws (Guantanamera ..
3) Develop a thug caste -
a paramilitary force not answerable to the people (apparently a private army called Blackwater already operates in the USA?
4) Set up an internal surveillance system aimed at ordinary citizens (make sure everyone has a fridge magnet, break down trust and stir up discontent between different social groups ..

Having a vote doesn't mean you're living in an open society with the underpinnings of civil rights and freedoms; because closed societies (countries without freedom) do have elections, and they do have newspapers.

Why does the President have the right to federalise the national guard, to torture people, to detain citizens without charge? Naomi sees this as a war on the citizens of democracy.. that our apathy and our terror has blinded us to the rapid onslaught of tyranny.

People in Alabama being put in prison for donating to the Democratic party? Time to wake up, says Ms Wolf. Now! Every day counts. Let us restore the rule of law.

Blimey! Surely it can't be that bad? I mean America is land of the free, isn't it?
You don't think we're going to see vigilantes in the streets? Concentration camps? Invading other countries for colonialist gain .. oh ..

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