From a "Provocative Interloper"

More from the media: book reviewer Rosemary Sorenson, writing in the Weekend Australian Review (02 dec), reckons that it (that Cairns pub incident) all depends where you were standing at the time, and regurgitates the patrons' version of events.

(.. a version i heartily disagree with ..)

Rosemary also claims that management have declared they were acting to protect the 'provocative interloper' from potential violence.

Well a blessed relief. Good to know that any (allegedly) potentially violent people are left inside the hotel, where they can't do any damage. Wouldn't want them out on the streets.

It's an interesting version of events: i've read similar things on comment pages all around the country. One web cruiser wrote that Queensland must have gone soft because "a few years ago he would have been shark bait".

I guess that the security workers were protecting that Indigenous woman too. She was probably escorted to the door for her own benefit. Don't you reckon?

Still i'm glad to learn that management didn't seriously think i was a security threat. Because it would be disturbing to learn they let a potential threat go to the next pub down the road. Wooden it?

ugh, i'm sure i'll get over the whole thing very soon. Smile.

Love to youse all.
from the unknown reader

(thanks a bundle for fighting statue by mmarchin, and the attacker by kodama (home); both from flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.)

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