chalki on faine

So yes, i had an interview with jon faine (a month ago now). It was a strange experience for me, as i don't often appear on radio. You can hear it all over again .. right here.

Or tune into his more recent work on the abc site.

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Listening back, i mildly regret implying that people in the bar were not likely to be literary critics. It was funny at the time, a standard knee-jerk dig at people you don't know, insinuating a lesser intellectual sophistication, and flag-flying the stereotype that "rednecks can't read and probably wouldn't want to anyway".

(When in fact a whole heap of well-educated people are ignorant and prejudiced too.)

However i have worked for many years with people whose self-worth has been destroyed by the stigma of low literacy. Believe me, if you can't read in this society, you get looked down upon by everyone.

On top of this, having a low level of literacy is about more than your own personal abilities; in fact the overall levels of health, wealth, employment and social cohesion in the local community all contribute to a person's ability to learn at school. There was some great research recently that highlighted the interconnectedness of all these factors.

Apart from that, i'm okay with the interview.
i'd recommend following up that research - Tony Vinson and Peter Norden. Brilliant.

Related: Research on Social Disadvantage in Australia.

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General Catz said...

I enjoyed your interview. What happened to you is something i wouldn't be surprised to see here in america but in Oz? Oh dear.

michael chalk said...

Hey there general catz, thanks for your comment.

Sounds like things have gone crazy in the usa. Is it true there are raids on book clubs over there? Secret infiltrations into activist groups? Or is that just rumour?

hope you're managing ok,