Do the Motionless, Yah

Do the Nut Bush. Do the Funky Gibbon. Do the Expressive Chicken. Yah!

Or .. Do the Motionless Standstill.
It's the latest craze.
Mm-hm, the Stock-still (apparently).

Would you believe the Very Slow Robot?
The Freeze Frame? The Matrix Slow-Mo?

Sigh! Will i ever live this down? Standing still on a dancefloor !?
No way .. i wasn't .. i didn't .. those people, they're being disingenuous!

Look i'm sorry you got called 'paranoid'.
i know you're just Normal within a Paranoid Society.
Can't we just be mates? Maaaaate?

That's it for me and dancefloors, we're over!
I'm just going to sit still at a table with my beer and a my mates,
staring at the chicks on the chequered squares
.. like a Normal Aussie Bloke.

"You say, Everything's All right. I Say, Nothing can go right Babe. Chequered Love."
Yah. Right.

(images: thanks Carf and aardvaark)

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