First Tuesday - mixed response

When the First Tuesday Book Club on reviewed "The Unknown Terrorist", the book didn't come off so well.

  • Marieke said it was "Earnest" and would only convert the true believers (the people who don't need converting).
  • Jason Steeger enjoyed the book, and said it was more of a tragedy: "Not a thriller, it's dressed up as a thriller .. it's more of a contemporary horror story."
  • The other guy (?) said it was "Too stark, too stereotypical .. but a bit too raw," although "the Flanagan brothers are very good news for Australia." More like a film script in novel form.
But Germaine stole the show with her wild and angry commentary, calling the preface "infuriating, pretentious bilge" .. to begin the book with a weave around Jesus and Nietszche. Ms Greer found the narrator and The Doll to be "inextricably tangled", and the plot to be nonsense: "couldn't have got it past a harlequin editor".

"Greatest load of old nonsense!" Germaine says she will cut her throat from ear to ear if this book wins the Booker (she toned this down when asked to compare Flanagan's supposed exaggeration with her own).
Oh Germaine, your vitriol is unsurpassed! What a delightful roller-coaster!

i'm glad i'm not the author of the book. i felt nervous enough just having enjoyed it. i'm also glad i can enjoy reading a book without having my internal critic give me angst all the way through. Must be awful being a critic.

Ooh, look, they've reviewed Chris Womersley's new book, The Low Road. This won a premier's award for unpublished manuscript, and my mum gave it to me for my birthday. I wonder if it's the sort of book i can read in public places...?

all the best, and happy reading :) !

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