Latest Auzzie Fashion - Burqini

Enough reacting to the desperate and vicious attitudes of media commentators!

.. here's some good news. Unfortunately i missed the SBS documentary, but Martin Flanagan (Richard's brother), demonstrates his delightful flair for interviewing Aussie sporting greats, in this piece on Mecca Laalaa.

Mecca has hit the headlines because she represents a change in attitude at Cronulla Beach, Sydney. Following the riots of 2005, the local council decided to encourage non-anglo people (especially Muslim people) to become lifesavers. But they only invited the men. Ms Laalaa however has always wanted to be a lifesaver. So she fought the discrimination, and joined the lifesaving forces.

Now she's pioneering a new Australian fashion .. the "burqini", which is a wetsuit with a hood. Yeah! Go Mecca!

Let's all keep an eye out for the positive and healthy changes in our cultural environment. It's not all bad, is it!

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