music video from UK

Here's a song i think you'll like.
From the xxteens (via imageyenation), a warning. With a funky beat.
It's called "How to avoid becoming a terror victim".

The accompanying video (below) could be hilarious, unless you are Easily Scared, or on the lookout for Seditious Material; in which case it would be Terrifyingly Insulting to your Sensitivities. Beware: attempted humour and satire.

And this is how i felt after watching the video.

I feel a bit nervous
I feel a bit mad
I feel like a good time that's never been had
I feel a bit fragile
I feel a bit low
Like I learned the right lines
But I'm on the wrong show
(I'm Living in the Sensitivities.)

Best lines in the xxteens lyric?

"store a decent amount of cash someplace in case ATM's malfunction"
"try to fly on wide-bodied planes, terrorists often avoid hijacking them"

But they sound better in the song than they look in text.

Hope your whole week goes really well.
i'm staying indoors.

Next up, we need a song called "How to avoid becoming a terror suspect". Any ideas?

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