cruelly insane irony

This is so cruelly insane it's almost not funny
"nelson waits for apology" - i say keep him waiting, ooh, eleven years?

Clearly mr half-nelson has a case for compensation.

Generations of doctor-turned-politicians, their brains and hearts stolen by ignorance; .. cruelly spurned by the staffers of inconsiderate party leaders whose compassion extends primarily to the underprivileged.

oh the hurt, the indignity, the suffering!
(irony, nay sarcasm, fully intended)

Why do people of reasonable intelligence have to behave like blithering idiots?

i wobble with anger and confusion.
Thank you Kevin for your compassion and good grace.

i refuse to let the petty, mean-spirited, blindingly incompetent opposition party ruin such a beautiful day. i say hold on to the power of truth, grace and love.

Just ignore the idiots. Rise above the fear and ignorance. Yah.

(says me who vented in a blog post. honest to blog! Contradiction?)

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