Limerick from Bookninja

Thank you Susan of Book Ninja for this limerick:

There once was a fella named Chalk
who wanted a book with his bock

but inside Shenanigans

they don’t allow Flanagans
so poor Mr Chalk had to walk.

( bock .. a beer of course! If only i'd ordered a beer none of this would have happened. This is what happens when you go into an Irish pub and don't get a beer. What was i thinking. )

Great commentary from George on that page too! He's a fiery writer, worth reading. Big it up for the Canadian literary scene ..


Susan Glickman said...

Whoops sorry, Michael; semi-typo (Dutch spelling) for "bock", that is, Beer. Feel free to correct it.

Glad you liked the limerick!

mic said...

thanks Susan - yes i totally love your limerick!

(whoops how did i miss that beer reference? eyes roll :)

ADuck said...

Not knowing how to comment, I comment that this is my first comment and being such, its all my fault that MC is in the media spotlight! If it weren't for my quest for a statement, his journey to the darkside of terrorist histeria would be simply blogdotal instead of annecdotally tabloid.

mic said...

dear ms aduck,
thanks so much for your comment

great to hear from you .. and yes it is *all your fault* ;->

(no, i won't blame the punters, the bouncer, the media frenzy of fear or the government any more).

Sariously, Thank You so much for being outraged and shocked by a crazy occurrence in your home town - enough to take up your pen / keyboard and become the Angry Letter Writer / active citizen.

Yay for ADuck the Angry Letter Writer - may all your letters have such widespread and positive impact!

xo mic